it's all in the note

Image via A Lovely Being

The online magazine Matchbook has a wonderful article by Scote Wade, titled "The Delightful Mr. Boddington", covering the ultimate delight and lost art of letter writing. He interviews Rebecca Schimdt Rubensaal, owner of Mr. Boddington, an exquisite letter press shop.

It might be slower, it might take more time, but receiving a hand written note in the mail still makes the heart beat a tad bit faster than any e-mail on any day. So, when having your morning coffee, take time to write a little note to brighten up someone's day.

"Napoleon was apparently a great love letter writer....I think it is so romantic to have this visual of any great general...sitting there, taking the desks to a battlefield and writing by candlelight"
-R. Schimdt Rubensaal-