tea and tulips

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Though we only had a very short stay in China, it was a very productive one. From walking on the Great Wall (frozen feet and blue skies included), taking in the colours of the Forbidden city and eating some wonderful Hot Pot in a bright restaurant where we were the only tourists, to buying my favourite Pu'erh tea;  the few hours spent in Beijing were truely memorable. I am now enjoying a wonderful cup of tea, and remember all the little details (and immense structures) that were part of that moment in time.
Pu'erh tea has been a part of daily life in China for over 2,000 years and is commonly referred to as "medicinal" tea for its many health benefits. Pu erh tea, the original tea, comes from the ancient tea trees of Xishuangbanna in China's pristine Yunnan Province.

Enjoy your morning and afternoon tea and have a day filled with smiles.