netto bar

Photos from own collection

Last night we visited a little, very well known, bar in the Otrabanda area of the island; Netto Bar. A place covered in memorabilia, photographs and little pieces of art. Their 'star-drink' is a green rum (yes, you're reading this and I drank it......go on.....laugh). It was actually pretty good. I would suggest keeping it to a little shot though. On Friday's this place is known to be quite packed with people, but yesterday it was quiet, with just 3 men at the bar and 2 ladies sitting in the corner all the way in the back (mind you, one of these ladies had a full cup filled with the green rum...... I wonder how she is doing this morning). She was dressed in a purple dress, with a chic hat (very uncommon here) and with her bag on her lap, while she sat there in a serene silence (we were loud enough) slowly drinking her rum.

As you are noticing from the photos above, I somehow ended up having a shot with the bar tender (wonder how many he has every night) (oh yeah, it was the police officer at the bar (off duty) who gave me the idea of joining the bar tender for a drink). We were there for only a short time, but we managed to laugh loads, and my uncle even danced (it was the day before his 50th birthday.....I don't think he is dancing today). The night ended with the 16 of us sitting at my mothers' dining table have a great dinner (ohhh and of course cake.....much cake....with many candles). Some times it is the most spontaneous things make for the best moments.