{st} swedish design

In May we'll be going on a Scandinavian Tour {st}. 
Starting in Copenhagen and ending in Stockholm (with a few stops in between). 
To get our travel juices flowing I am doing some research. 
Design, culinary arts and elegance are some of the many great things I am finding in this region. 
I'll be sharing some of that here under the heading {st} and of course during and after the trip some great ideas and photos of each of the cities we are visiting. 

Today a first taste of Swedish design. 

I found a great article by Katrín Eyþórsdóttir, she writes "Scandinavian designers were influenced by everything going on around them. With their tradition of craftsmanship and efficient use of limited material resources (due to their relative geographic isolation), they combined the best of both worlds. In line with prevailing democratic social views, everything was made to be available to everyone. The notion of enjoying the work you do was highly regarded, and the idea that beautiful things could enrich people’s lives was kept alive." to read the complete piece (I recommend it) visit this link

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” 
-Scott Adams-