the art of travel

St. Augustine once wrote that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. I believe this to be true. There is an incredible amount of splendor, beauty, awe inspiring scenery, countless cultures, interesting people and such a wealth of knowledge spread around the world. And seeing all of this with your own eyes opens up a world of possibility and understanding within you.

Travel makes for understanding. It brings the world closer together and drives away prejudice, well at least in my opinion it does. Though I travel often, I have not seen much of the world yet. There are far reaching places such a Bhutan, Mongolia, Japan, New Zealand, Ice land and South Africa which I still long to know. But those that I have seen; the stretching pampas of Argentina, the sunrise over the Champs Elysee, the colourful souk of Marrakech, the inspiring waterways of Venice, the snow covered Great Wall of China, the cracking glaciers of Alaska, the ancient city of Petra and the modern intensity of Dubai are forever instilled in my memory and have since been part of who I am.

Research is where the journey starts. And with all this research an intense need to share information comes up. I hope to share as much of the splendor I find (whether by own account or merely by day dreaming), with you. This year I have a few destinations on my list. In May and June I will visit Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Stockholm, and with my camera in hand I will be documenting and sharing all the intricate details of each city.