boat magazine

Recently I "discovered" Boat Magazine - a publication that is anything but about boats - it is about the art travel. And their current issue features Kyoto a wonderful and serene destination. 

Boat Magazine Editor Erin Spens writes:

Kyoto doesn’t flaunt its treasure. When you turn up there, it’s not on show. You’ve got to wait for it, listen for it. The beauty of Kyoto is not in the flashing, beeping, flurry that many cities use to suck you in. Kyoto goes deeper than that, though it’s every bit as cosmopolitan, the real Kyoto is found in the quiet and maybe that’s the very reason it has endured.
The process of putting together this issue of Boat Magazine was more akin to ‘curating’ than ‘creating’. That’s the incredible thing about Kyoto. Once you get under the skin a bit and find those stories, all that’s left to do is get them down on paper. They don’t need anything but a bit of time in the spotlight. As with every city, we hope we did it justice.