I am not much of a beer drinker (this is an understatement. I think I drank beer once in my life and it was at the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam during our student introductory tour) (yes I happily studied in Amsterdam...such an amazing experience). But I do enjoy looking a beautiful designed beer brands. Which seems to be a new norm I guess in what is called in industry of craft beers.

The Die Line showcases some of the best branded craft beers.

Mercator is a premium Belgian IPA. It has its name from a ship built in 1936, and is now a floating museum in Oostende. Most parts of the beer are hand made. The objects etched into the bottle are hand drawn, along with the logo which is embossed into the tag. Each bottle is unique and are meant to be collectibles. On each lid, there’s a stamp that matches the object etched on the front of the bottle.

Another great example is Saskiskiu beer. And I love the idea of stamping the label instead of having it printed.

"It was a challenge to create a series of beer labels for the extremely small budget. The idea was to design and produce a kit made of a rubber stamps for each type of the beer. The brewer is enabled to mark labels by himself. He does not need the service of printhouse. Using rubber stamped labels and hand made paper gives an idea of real craft beer. For each batch of craft beer different paper could be used to emphasize uniqueness of the SAKISKIU beer."

And then there is "we the people" - a student project

"This four-pack sampler features a Honey Pilsner, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, and Honey Porter, all of which are infused with honey from our own bee-hive on the White House's South Lawn. This limited edition beer is dedicated to the four historic documents on which our nation is founded on — the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. So here's to the people, for the people, by We The People!"

So if you love beer and history this might be the brand for you.