public supply

Today on Monocle 24's podcast the Entrepreneurs they spoke with the founders and designers of Public Supply.  They design, produce and sell notebooks. (and I love notebooks).

And if you love notebooks and Brazil than this is the notebook for you!

"This sketchbook was created in collaboration with non-profit Favela Painting, with the artwork generously donated by Haas & Hahn.  100% of proceeds from this sketchbook will go towards Favela Painting's latest project, Back to Rio, and support small-scale painting and career workshops for local youth living in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.  In collaboration with Haas and Hahn of the Favela Project, the students will learn valuable painting skills and assist in creating one of the largest public art works in Brazil.  For more information on Back to Rio, visit " - Public Supply.


For more information also visit the Concept 43 page of Extraordinary things and of course also the Public Supply website.