On most trips to The Netherlands I make it a point to go to a Rituals Cosmetics shop. My luggage, as you can only imagine, fills up with the necessary scrubs, bath foams and in some cases even a candle. It is a bit over the top (and my luggage inevitably weighs too much). But now, the struggle, the pulling and lifting, the shoving and rearranging, of my medium sized red Samsonite is over. There is a Rituals Cosmetics shop on the island. Yay.

Image via  here.

Image via here.

My favorite line is the Hammam Collection. The scrub is simply divine. It is as if I am transported to a mint infused spa decorated with colorful mosaic in Marrakech the moment I open it. (my imagination is on a roll).

The Rituals Cosmetics shop is located in the Zuikertuintje Mall in Curacao.