banda ariba

At the end of the year Divas Publishing will once again publish a colorful and fun book about Curacao, this time focused on the Banda Ariba. I was of course beyond excited when Kristel and Eef asked me to write some of the text for their new book and got started on this project right away. Yesterday the final cover was presented. I love it. Especially the bright yellow color. And I look forward to sharing all the wonderful locations Curacao has to offer with you. 

The books focuses on cozy places to stay, delicious restaurants on the island and must-see locations on the island. So whether you live there or if you are visiting, the book will surely be a great island guide. We hope you will enjoy it and the locations it features. 

Our aim is to capture and share the islands hidden treasures
— Divas Publishing

For more information on this book and of course the previous two books visit Divas Publishing. The books, and other great items can be purchased from this website. And you can find their blog on the website as well. 

When we have more information on the launch date of the book and other great news I will be posting it.