do you lunya?

A few months ago I “discovered” Lunya. Do I sleep better? I’d say so. It’s so comfortable I’d love to walk around in Lunya all day.

I walked by my bedroom mirror and marveled at my outfit – I was wearing my husband’s old frat t-shirt and rolled up boxer briefs. In the pursuit of comfort, I had let the wheels fall off. This realization sent me on a journey to find comfortable, flattering sleepwear, but the options available didn’t match the modern woman I was or wanted to be.

I realized that even though you spend over one-third of your life in bed, sleepwear tends to be the most undervalued part of your wardrobe. It became my mission to make sure that women could feel both comfortable and confident.
— Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO
Image via  here.

Image via here.