Today I came across Micomoler via www.tictail.com's blog. Micomoler makes exquisite, well-crafted, clean and eye catching designs. Below are some of my favourite items from their collection. 

This is the Banquete - fabulous and functional. 

Banquete is a tea-bench. It can be a seat itself, but it can also be used as a low tea-table for four people, providing each one of them with a cushion to seat on the floor.
— Micomoler

And the traditional looking Duler - 

Duler is a contemporary chair with a hint of tradition.
The wicker (mimbre) hanging on the metallic structure makes a nice and cozy seat that embraces the body.
— Micomoler

If you'd like to see more products from Micomoler check out their tictail website