one fine stay

Whether you stay at a hotel, rent an apartment or crash at a friends' house feeling comfortable is key to enjoying any trip - at least for me. So for our recent trips to London I decided to try an apartment rental service a friend once recommended. I am now officially, for London at least, hooked on Onefinestay. If only for the booking process, the friendly welcome and the iPhone you are entrusted with during your stay. What I really love though are the magazines they publish (which feel more like books) and their blog (surprise surprise). 

So if you are heading to London, Paris, NYC, Los Angeles and now also Rome do consider them. But in any case check out their blog. I've posted a few pictures with the links below. Enjoy :) 

sophie gass

There are moments when you think wow- this is a beautiful thing. This is exactly what I thought when I came across the website of Sophie Gass. When I look at her concept I can see that she has brought together a range of items she loves and is passionate about and created a concept to present all of these.

So next time you are in London, take a few minutes and enjoy a manicure and some shopping at Sophie's.

"Sophie Gass is a concept Fashion, Flowers and Nail Boutique situated in the heart of Holland Park"

"The store aims to provide a haven for one off fashion pieces
and accessories along with the highest quality manicures and pedicures, offering a full range of Essie products and highly experienced nail technicians.

Simple and sophisticated hand tied flower arrangements are available through our partnership with Galton Flowers, perfect as a gift or to brighten up the home. Sophie Gass is a place to relax, socialise and shop all in close proximity to bustling Notting Hill and beautiful Holland Park"

And so with that I wish you a very amazing, relaxing and laughter-filled weekend.

Thanks for visiting. xxx Priscilla