rustic rose

Good morning and happy new year. What a lovely morning here in Curacao. The last fireworks are being enjoyed (yes, here we enjoy the sounds and sights just a little bit longer) and we are all back at the office for an energetic new start. January is a great month, one of planning, forecasting and setting goals.

I love that in Curacao the party is not over until the sunset of the first Sunday of the year. It is then that our (in)famous Fuikdag will end. So until then we are still in a bit of a party mode - Friday we'll have a music fest on the embankment here in the harbour, then on Saturday we're invited to a romantic beach wedding and then ....... Fuik. 

But for now, some beautiful peaceful images of roses and Amanjena. Last week I was researching a bit for a potential trip to Marrakech. A city I truly enjoyed the last time I was there and I thought I'd share a bit of that here.

Have a lovely day.




Amanjena (peaceful paradise) is the first Aman resort on the African continent and is located just outside the ancient city of Marrakech. Set within an oasis of palms and olive trees, Moorish heritage is reflected throughout the pisé-walled resort, including the Morocco luxury villas and pavilions that radiate out from an ancient bassin, echoing the style of a sultan’s palace. Amanjena offers a variety of guided excursions on foot, bicycle or private car into the medina, the souk and squares, palaces, gardens and craft shops of ancient Marrakech.

hello monday

Hello Monday and hello December - almost a year gone by. How time flies when you are having fun. Below are some images that I absolutely love. Simple, filled with flowers and just beautiful for a Monday morning.

I wish you an amazing, exquisite and laughter-filled week.