a tiny car

The last few years I have found myself more around cars, their engines and occasionally a clutch of pro stock. It is a learning process, but slowly (very slowly) but surely I will get there. Through some third party insistence I am also learning more about my car - and its engine (something which at any given moment sounds like a drag - until you are faced with a car that doesn't work). My tiny (sweet little) car is getting a bit older and so it needs a lot more tender love and care. So when yesterday, after a long day at the office, the engine wouldn't start I got right out of my car to fix it (I was really determined....almost cute). There was (I will proudly say) an "aha" moment of "wow - I actually know what to do" right before two other people working in our building walked up to help. (I'd like to think of course that I could have fixed it on my own, but I have to admit I was quite happy they were there to help and assist.......). The general idea of knowing what to do was very reassuring though - and I am so grateful that someone pushed me to learn. And perhaps (let's not get anyone's hopes up) it will lead me to learn some more about my car.

Now, back to the finer things in the world - don't you just adore the image below? :)


Image via  here.

Image via here.