erste liebe bar

Sunny summer days mean that the terraces come out and people enjoy fresh  lemonade and light salads for lunch. The square in front of me is packed with men in suits and women in pencil skirts seeking every sun ray they can possibly find. Today it is lunch at Erste Liebe Bar. A perfect spot to sit at the window bar and gaze out onto the squares activities. 

The terraces are filled with long tables, each shared by random groups of people engaged in their own private conversations. It is a wonderful sight.

Erste Liebe Bar (First Love Bar) is a simple locale with striking grey double doors at the entrance and two large colorful paintings on the wall. The service is uber friendly, and despite the fact that my German vocabulary is limited to a mere five words (this might be an overstatement) they seemed to appreciate my effort. Luckily they explained the menu, written on chalkboard, to me in English. Goat cheese salad with courgette and watermelon it was. 

It wasn't until I walked to the back that I noticed these awesome tv's. 

And then I went for a little stroll in the beautiful inner city of Hamburg. 

One thing I love here is that little arch ways suddenly appear, where the roof is elaborately decorated and the shops sell delicate items like porcelain tea cups. It is a sheer delight to walk here. 

Now this is super isn't it? Swans in the city. Makes me smile. 

All images from my own collection. 

All images from my own collection.