erste liebe bar

Sunny summer days mean that the terraces come out and people enjoy fresh  lemonade and light salads for lunch. The square in front of me is packed with men in suits and women in pencil skirts seeking every sun ray they can possibly find. Today it is lunch at Erste Liebe Bar. A perfect spot to sit at the window bar and gaze out onto the squares activities. 

The terraces are filled with long tables, each shared by random groups of people engaged in their own private conversations. It is a wonderful sight.

Erste Liebe Bar (First Love Bar) is a simple locale with striking grey double doors at the entrance and two large colorful paintings on the wall. The service is uber friendly, and despite the fact that my German vocabulary is limited to a mere five words (this might be an overstatement) they seemed to appreciate my effort. Luckily they explained the menu, written on chalkboard, to me in English. Goat cheese salad with courgette and watermelon it was. 

It wasn't until I walked to the back that I noticed these awesome tv's. 

And then I went for a little stroll in the beautiful inner city of Hamburg. 

One thing I love here is that little arch ways suddenly appear, where the roof is elaborately decorated and the shops sell delicate items like porcelain tea cups. It is a sheer delight to walk here. 

Now this is super isn't it? Swans in the city. Makes me smile. 

All images from my own collection. 

All images from my own collection. 

the box

Yesterday we walked to The Box here in Hamburg. A concept store that I could walk in for hours (it was just too hot to do so yesterday......30 degrees and humid....). I have to say though that this weather is absolutely perfect for ice cream, which is precisely what we did after our visit to The Box. 

Photo from my own collection 

Photo from my own collection 

They have a great collection of furniture, coffee table books and a very special range of culinary tools. Via their website you can even order some of these items online. 

hamburg II

It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm Saturday and Sunday in Hamburg. With friends, a scenic cycling route and a delicious BBQ. It was another super day in the city.

First we started with a lovely lunch at Klippkroog on Saturday. A bistro with a large outdoor terrace, organic ingredients and impeccable tiny brownies that come with the coffee.   

I enjoyed the goat cheese and strawberry salad finished with an orange infused dressing, accompanied by homemade lemonade with mint. The bread is homemade, the terrace filled with sun and there was a lady sitting on the floor adding colourful chalk to the pavement. 

After a lovely stroll we ended up at Altes Maedchen, a beer hall and brewery, with a sunny terrace, herb crates and a well designed interior. We enjoyed some drinks and when you go there the pretzels are a must.  

These chairs are so cool. Love them. Every detail in this interior is so well thought out. 

It is summer and so naturally there was an outdoor party in the middle of the park. 

The next morning to gather some fuel for our cycling trip we had a well balanced brunch at Van Der Motte.  The weather was lovely again and so we enjoyed our brunch outside. The inside of this tiny place is absolutely adorable. I love the drift wood on the wall, the stylish Scandinavian chairs and the subtle details.  

Spring and summer bring with them a range of flowers and everywhere you go you'll find bright ones. It just makes me so happy. 

And then it was time for the cycle tour, the beach and some refreshments. We rented some of the bikes. It is an ingenious system for the residents of the city. I am sure there are plenty of options for tourists as well.This is quite a digital city, and thus it shouldn't be that difficult to find all the options. 


hamburg I

And so Friday morning I was off to Hamburg. A city I have had the honour to visit a few times before. It is of course great that I have friends living there. But it is also just  a wonderful city to stroll around, explore the markets and enjoy the sounds of the harbour. 

The Wallpaper guide is a good way to gather some info on the where to go. 

I took the KLM City Hopper, took just an hour, and in that house they spoil you with not-so-salty peanuts and of course the Holland Harold for some reading. 

This morning we headed to the Bio Market around the corner. Bright colours, scents of fruits and flowers and actually a very calm atmosphere on this sunny Saturday morning. 

Beautiful isn't it. Seeing this I really just wanted to start cooking and try all the vegetables I have never even seen. 

We then headed to a design butcher. The interior is stylish, clean and trendy. The staff is incredibly friendly and the scent of rosemary lingers around.