amsterdam III

There are two other places in Amsterdam I'd like to share here. One is SLA and the other is the Oyster Club. Two places that at opposite sides of the F&B spectrum - but both quite interesting places to visit when you are in Amsterdam.  

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the Tea Bar. A concept where you choose your own tea, grab all the accessories you need to make the tea and then head to your table. Fantastic. 

I choose some fallafel, olives, black quinnoa and avocado with a mustard and olive oil dressing. 

Drinking water is free. The pitchers include cucumber or mint to give an extra layer of flavour to the water. 

And voila....our empty plates :) 

At Sla they also sell cook books, organic wines and chocolate and other interesting stuff. 

And the sweet scent of lavender is all around. Divine. 

The photo above is from the roof at the Oyster Club. The interior design is simple, but with particular details that make all difference. 

If there are two things I can recommend when you go there it is 1. have some oysters (seems obvious right) and 2. try some of the sushi. The spicy tuna roll is the perfect amount of tuna with a hint of a crunch and just enough rice to hold it all together. Pictured above is the soft shell crab roll with fresh avocado and wasabi mayo. Oh and the Oyster Club serves fresh wasabi - one of just five place in the Netherlands to do so. 

So that is it for Amsterdam this time. My next stop is the chic and green city of Hamburg. Where the habour is the main attraction, tree filled parks on everywhere and where this weekend the weather will be amazing.