hamburg I

And so Friday morning I was off to Hamburg. A city I have had the honour to visit a few times before. It is of course great that I have friends living there. But it is also just  a wonderful city to stroll around, explore the markets and enjoy the sounds of the harbour. 

The Wallpaper guide is a good way to gather some info on the where to go. 

I took the KLM City Hopper, took just an hour, and in that house they spoil you with not-so-salty peanuts and of course the Holland Harold for some reading. 

This morning we headed to the Bio Market around the corner. Bright colours, scents of fruits and flowers and actually a very calm atmosphere on this sunny Saturday morning. 

Beautiful isn't it. Seeing this I really just wanted to start cooking and try all the vegetables I have never even seen. 

We then headed to a design butcher. The interior is stylish, clean and trendy. The staff is incredibly friendly and the scent of rosemary lingers around.